Former International Athlete Returns To Beckenham.

Angela Wilson is a former international sports icon and is returning to Beckenham to pass on her skills to the next generation.

Angela started her swimming career at Beckenham swimming club. She now has her own swim school that covers the areas of Beckenham and Crystal palace.

Angela teaches people to swim and at the same time to develop a more positive attitude to overcoming adversities. She has been teaching for 20 years and works with her mum who also swam for Team GB.

Angela said “My aim is to encourage people to use the setbacks and disappointments they have suffered as a motivation to succeed in their lives. I had to stop doing the thing I loved at an early age, so understand how people lose confidence in themselves.

“I believe that the drive and determination it takes to learn to swim can help rebuild confidence and give people the enthusiasm to go out and make a success of their lives, particularly, if like me, they suffer from a disability.”


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