Focus Group Meetings On Future Of Beckenham Place Park

The first focus group meetings were held recently to discuss the future of Beckenham Place Park. They were attended by a number of local community organisations, who were given the chance to discuss the views of the residents they were representing.

One of the priorities identified during the meetings was improving the promotion and marketing of the park, which many people felt was one of the area’s best-kept secrets.

It was also suggested that signage and access from certain areas could be enhanced to make the park feel more welcoming. There are a number of entrance points that connect the park with public transport and residential homes, but some of these can appear unwelcoming and are poorly signed.

It was suggested that installing temporary signage would encourage more people into the park from Beckenham Hill Station and that circular paths around the park would also be beneficial. Some residents felt that these should co-ordinate with the park’s existing style.

There was also support for improvements to disabled access.

Attendees supported the restoration plans for the buildings in the park, especially the Mansion, the Gardeners Cottage and the Homesteads. The Mansion was seen as the main priority because it could be hired out for weddings and other occasions, and there were also suggestions to use it as an art gallery, museum or a training centre for the hospitality industry.

These focus groups have shown that there is support for the development of Beckenham Place Park. How do you feel its usage could be improved?

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