Ensure Your Motorcycle Is Safe As Thefts Rise

New data issued by the Metropolitan Police shows that there has been a significant rise in the number of motorcycles stolen in Bromley over the past year. Compared with the previous year, thefts rose by 89 per cent across 2013/14. With this in mind, it is crucial for motorcycle owners across the Borough understand exactly how to keep their vehicle safe and secure.

A total of 298 scooters, mopeds, and motorbikes were stolen in the last year. This puts Bromley 15th across London, with Wandsworth having the highest number of thefts at 695. Harrow came out at the bottom with just 41. In total, there were 9,900 thefts over the year in London, which is the equivalent of 27 each day. A range of vehicles are being stolen, from high-powered bikes to cheaper, low-powered models.

Police action

To help combat this rise, the Metropolitan Police has launched Operation Venice across the capital. This is the start of a concerted effort by all Boroughs to reduce the number of motorbike thefts. Within Bromley, officers will be distributing leaflets and providing owners with advice on how best to keep their vehicles secure. They will also be involved in carrying out raids on those who are suspected of carrying out some of these crimes.

Have you been the victim of a motorbike theft? Do you have any advice for other motorbike or moped owners on how to keep their vehicle safe from theft?

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