Ensure You Don’t Flout New Smoking Rules

The Public Protection team in Bromley is warning local residents about the new rules set to come into force regarding smoking in cars.

On 1st October, it will become illegal for anyone to smoke tobacco products if they are in a vehicle where someone under the age of 18 is present. The council’s Public Protection team want to ensure that all residents understand the new rules and abide by them.

The Government has instituted these changes to help protect the health of young people, who can be harmed by inhaling second-hand smoke. Children are particularly susceptible to the dangerous effects of smoke; exposure can lead to serious conditions such as cancer, meningitis, pneumonia and bronchitis. It can also exacerbate asthma.

If anyone inside a vehicle chooses to smoke after this date, both the smoker and the driver could face a £50 fine. The Police and Council Officers will be able to enforce this and hand out a £50 penalty notice fine where necessary.

The rules apply to all private vehicles that are partly or wholly enclosed by a roof. It won’t matter if the windows are open, the air conditioning is switched on, or if they are only in an open doorway. However, a convertible where the roof is fully down will be exempt.

For further information on the new rules, you can visit the website.

Were you aware of the new law? Do you think it will benefit the health of young people in this country?

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