Don’t Get Caught Out By Food Poisoning This Christmas

Christmas can be a stressful time of year, especially if you’re in charge of cooking dinner for a large group. To help your Christmas cooking go smoothly and incident-free, the Food Safety Team at Bromley Council has put together some top tips based on advice from the Food Standards Agency. This will ensure that you can scratch the risk of food poisoning off of your list of worries.

Keeping healthy

Planning carefully is an important element of a stress-free Christmas. Think about what you’ll be eating §on each day and write a list so that you don’t overbuy. Before you stock up your fridge, make sure that it’s working properly. It should be set to a temperature of 5oC or below. All raw food, including the uncooked turkey, should be kept covered at the bottom of your fridge.

A safe turkey

Frozen turkeys should be defrosted thoroughly before you start cooking. When you’re preparing a raw turkey, you must wash your hands, surfaces and utensils thoroughly after handling it. Raw meat should never be washed in the sink because this can increase the spread of germs. Before you serve the turkey, you need to ensure that it’s cooked all the way through by checking that it’s piping hot, there are no pink parts, and that the juices run clear. Leftovers need to be cooled and covered as quickly as possible and placed in the freezer or fridge.

What are your plans for Christmas dinner? How do you ensure you are cooking safely?

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