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Why should you use Magento for E-commerce?

There are over 200,000 online retailers who have opted for Magento as their e-commerce platform.  This alone is a testimonial to this product, so we thought we’d give you a run-down of some of its benefits so you know why.

First of all, it’s important to know that there are 3 kinds of Magento which are: Magento Community, which is free to use and suitable for the majority of retailers, Magento Go which is which is quite similar to Shopify and suitable to smaller retailers and Magento Enterprise which is a bit more on the expensive side and suitable for enterprise level retailers.  They have a platform to suit any kind of retailer.

What are the Benefits of Magento?

There are lots of different functionality options that you can take advantage of when using Magento.  It has everything that you could ever need to run your online shop.  It has a module that will allow you to create a mobile version or app so you are mobile compatible, the facility to offer gift card options, stock management, lots of product images for each item, the ability to cross-sell and much more. It also allows you to integrate 3rd part apps such as Salesforce, Mailchimp, PayPal etc to enhance your e-commerce store.

As it’s widely used, it’s easy to not only uncover any issues, but to overcome them.  There are so many blogs out there where users are asking questions about common errors, or issues – and it’s incredibly easy to find the answers using these.  As it’s an open source platform this means it is accessible, more flexible for developers and most importantly secure.  You can also enhance your product at any time using Magento Connect.  This is an extension marketplace which allows you to take advantage of other modules.  There are lots of reviews on each of these that will help you choose whether or not to purchase one. 

There are some great agencies out there that specialise in this platform due to its efficiency. One example can be seen through Bing the Magento agency who are a specialist agency in London who not only can develop your site, but also offer training and 24/7 customer support should you have any problems. 

What about SEO?

A lot of the basic SEO elements are already covered within Magento to help you with your SERP results.  You will have the functionality to be able to complete standard SEO tasks such as add meta data to your content, include top level domains, add SEO friendly URLS, use a redirect capability and have the ability to use the canonical tag.  There are also lots of 3rd party modules that can be integrated that will improve your SEO rankings even further if SEO is one of the main ways you are driving traffic to your site.

Magento is a platform chosen by agencies for good reason.  It has variants to suit all, and offers maximum flexibility. 

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