Crime Updates And Advice From Local Police

The Metropolitan Police have issued their latest newsletter for the local ward, and it details the current priorities for dealing with crime and advice on avoiding opportunistic thefts.

Car and property crimes

Last month, there were six burglaries at residential properties and six garage or shed burglaries recorded, with most of these taking place in flats around the Copers Cope Road area.

February also saw six thefts from vehicles recorded, with the majority being delivery vehicles and work vans where parcels or tools were taken.

There were three cases of vehicles being damaged last month, with all of the offences taking place on the same night in Albemarle Road. The suspect was arrested.

Caution regarding opportunistic thefts

A number of dipping offences have occurred along the High Street, and local officers have been speaking to security guards and staff at shops to make them aware of the problem.

They have distributed posters to advise shoppers not to leave their bags unattended in stores because it only takes seconds for a wallet or purse to be taken. When you’re out shopping, you should be aware of anyone who is around you, especially if they’re in close proximity. Keep in mind that teams of people could be working together to distract you.

If you wish to speak to one of the local officers, the next street surgery will take place from 2pm to 3pm on Wednesday 23rd March at Waitrose on Southend Road.

Have you been the victim of a dipping crime? How were you targeted?

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