Chislehurst Nun Helps Local Youngsters Learn Life-saving Skills

A Chislehurst nun has used her time this month to help improve young people’s knowledge of skills that could potentially save the lives of themselves or others. Sister Josephine Udie is based at the Alms House in Chislehurst High Street, and she ran a first aid course for some of the youngsters she saw congregating in groups.

Sister Jossi has spent time working with local young people, especially those who have gathered on Belmont Parade and others throughout the borough and in Greenwich and Lewisham. She works as a project co-ordinator for the youth charity Steer Right in addition to her role as vice-chair of the London Ambulance Forum.

The lifesaving course that she ran offered space for 12 people aged between 12 and 17. It was funded through a £100 grant from the local Churches Together Shop. The London Ambulance Service provided their time and expertise for free. The youngsters who attended the sessions at St Mary’s Hall learnt key skills, including how to put someone in the recovery position and perform CPR. They also gained valuable information about what to do if someone suffers a heart attack or is choking. At the end of the event, all of the youngsters received their certificates.

For further information on the Steer Right charity and how it supports local youngsters, you can visit

Do you think youngsters need to learn more skills along these lines? How do you believe this can benefit them and keep them away from trouble?

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