Chinese Garage To Become A Tesco, Surely Not?


Residents and local businesses are up in arms at the threat that Tesco’s, along with a Majestic wine warehouse opening on the current Chinese garage site.

A campaign is gathering pace with locals to object against the opening due to the effect that the development will  “have on the traffic congestion around the area of the roundabout where the building is located, increased noise and pollution, increased frequency of delivery vehicles, and the possible negative effect a supermarket would have on the parade of shops and businesses opposite."

There have been over 600 letters of objection to the new development.

The official deadline for commenting on the application is 31st August, although your views will still be taken into account after this date if you email the case officer and stating the case reference 17/03273/RECON in the subject line (remember to include your name and address at the end of your email, otherwise your views may not be considered).

You can see the council application here.

Check out the defence / vote YES letter from the Chinese Garage here.

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