Bromley Trading Standards Issues Further Scam Warning

Following their warning regarding bogus drainage repairs, Bromley Trading Standards has informed local residents of another scam that is currently operating in the area. The warning comes after concerns for a vulnerable local man who withdrew large sums of money that he said were for roof repairs.

Officers from Trading Standards were alerted to the activity by concerned bank staff. The man came into the bank and withdrew £12,000, which he informed them was to pay for roof repairs. A few days later, he returned and took out an additional £12,000.

The rapid repose team visited the man and learned that he had received a cold call the week before from two men who spoke with what are believed to be Irish accents and had prominent tans. They then convinced the man that his property required repairs totalling £27,000. Following investigations with neighbours, Trading Standards officers discovered that another elderly victim had been convinced to have his roof repaired by the bogus tradesmen.

Trading Standards have seen an increase in cases being referred to their rapid response team over the past few months. Elderly and vulnerable residents are particularly susceptible to this type of crime, so it is important to look out for them. If you believe a trader to be suspicious, you should contact the rapid response team by calling 07903 852 090.

Bogus property repair companies have become increasingly active in the local area in recent months. What do you believe can be done to prevent this type of activity?

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