Bromley Museum Closes Despite Community Protests

Bromley Museum will will close its doors for the last time on Friday because of uncertainties about the building’s future. The Priory has been home to the museum for 50 years, but the council has decided that the grade II listed building can no longer house the collection, despite community protests and petitions calling for the council to reverse its decision.

In June, the council voted to sell The Priory and relocate the museum’s collections to the Central Library. The new location on Bromley High Street is believed by the council to be more central, which should provide additional footfall. The library will house two permanent exhibitions: the John Lubbock collection and “Bromley Revisited”. It is expected to open in the middle of next year.

However, a number of community groups are angered by the council’s plans and are fighting to save The Priory. STOP (Save The Orpington Priory) has more than 2,200 signatures from local residents who are against the building’s sale. They are putting together a business plan that will highlight other ways in which the site can be used for the benefit of local residents. This will be put forward to the council on 24th September.

Following these protests, the council has deferred making a final decision on the sale until next month.

For further information on the STOP campaign, you can visit The Petition Site.

Were you a regular visitor to Bromley Museum? How do you feel the community will be affected by the loss of this valuable resource?

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