Bromley Lib Dems Want To Hear Your Views On Cycling

Bromley Liberal Democrats have launched a survey to gather the views of residents on cycling provision across the area as they call on the local council to invest more money in cycling facilities.

The Liberal Democrats have highlighted the significant lack of investment that Bromley Council has made in providing modern facilities for cyclists in the borough.

The 2014 Transport Committee Cycling Safety Report recommends that £10 per person be spent locally on cycling each year, but the actual spending in Bromley only amounts to £1.89 per person in each of the past six years. This is less than the average for the whole country and substantially lower than the £24 per person spent in the Netherlands.

On top of this lack of investment, very few journeys are made in the borough by bike, adding to the traffic congestion and air pollution levels. Only 1.1 per cent of journeys in Bromley use a bike, whereas the average for the whole of London is 2 per cent.

This figure could easily be improved if the appropriate infrastructure and facilities were provided. The Bromley Cycling Strategy document highlights that the majority of journeys between a resident’s home and the station could be carried out by bike if these investments were made.

The Bromley Liberal Democrats want to encourage more commuters to ride their bikes and also offer safe cycle routes for children to get to school. To help them develop their plans, they are asking residents for their views through an online survey, which can be accessed on the Bromley Liberal Democrats website.

What are your opinions on cycling provision within Bromley?

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