Bromley And Bexley Investigate Joint Procurement Of Library Services

As part of their plan to save money in the provision of library services whilst maintaining quality, Bromley Council is set to discuss the possibility of a joint procurement process with Bexley. Bexley Council has already agreed a joint approach, and the matter will now be discussed at Bromley Council’s Renewal and Recreation PDS Committee meeting later this month.

The announcement from Bromley Council comes after consultations amongst library staff, users and local residents, in addition to soft market testing. These discussions highlighted that there was the potential to continue delivering services without detrimentally affecting front line provision in a way that also produces savings for the council. Both Bromley and Bexley need to make significant savings to their annual budgets over the coming years.

If this joint process is agreed by both of the councils, there will be a single tender for their library services. However, they will be able to have individual requirements as part of the process in order to meet the different needs of their respective residents. If this joint option proves to be feasible, both councils will need to make a decision late next year about if it should go ahead.

Following the meeting of the Renewal and Recreation PDS Committee, a decision will be taken by Bromley Council on how its library service will be commissioned on 9th November when its Special Executive meets.

Did you take part in the library consultation exercise? How do you feel library services can be maintained in a more cost-effective way?

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