Big Increase In Homeless Children In The Borough

Recently released figures show that the number of children in Bromley who are classed as homeless has risen by 45 per cent in the last two years. There are now 1,368 children across the borough who are living in temporary accommodation. In 2012, there were only 945 homeless children across Bromley.

Quarterly rises

The data has been taken from an analysis of the Live Tables on Homelessness that were released by the Department for Communities and Local Government. These figures show the number of young people categorised as homeless in the fourth quarter of 2014. The sector reached its lowest point during the second quarter of 2012, when just 859 children were living in temporary accommodation. Since then, there has been an increase recorded every quarter except for the third quarter of 2014, when a small drop was noted.

London-wide problem

The issue of homelessness in the borough is the responsibility of the local council. They are aware of the figures and see the problem of homeless children in Bromley as being in proportion to other boroughs in London, especially when you take the issue of size into consideration. A number of measures are in place to help support those families who have the greatest needs. This includes the high-quality Bellegrove temporary accommodation facility.

Homelessness, especially amongst children, is an issue that we should all be concerned about. Have you had a personal experience with the borough’s temporary accommodation? How do you think support services could be improved to have a greater impact?

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