Beckenham’s DJ Talent Slams X Factors Honey G As A 'rip-off'

DJ Talent – real name Anthony Ghosh  - has hit out at the X Factor contestant Honey G for ripping off his own lyrics.

Mr Ghosh hit the headlines in 2009 when he made it through to the finals of Britain’s got talent.

He is claiming that Ms G (is that what we call her?) Honey, has plagiarised his thoughtful lyrics 'When I say Britain, you say Talent, Britain's Got Talent, it's the DJ Talent'.

He told the Sun: "I wrote that track from my heart. It was for the people of Great Britain and the nation. What she's done is use my catchphrase to big herself up and I don't think it's fair. I'm the artist! I wrote the song and I produced the record, I made a track out of this and this is a published piece of music. She's getting publicity for using my work."

DJ Talent want on to say that she has ‘violated’ his song and finds her ‘rude and obnoxious’.

What are your comments in the post Brexit world?


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