Beckenham Footballing Talent Is Pepsi Star

Marc Cumberbatch, 31, from Orpington features in the advert for Pepsi MAX, as semi-pros, freestylers, parkour experts and gymnasts enter a round pitch to hot volley's that come from any angle and speed at any time!

The advert on YouTube has had three million views on YouTube since release.

Marc Cumberbatch, explained “I was always practising kick ups with the ball from when I was 7 or 8 years old. Like a lot of youngsters, I wanted to become a professional footballer so I would constantly practise whenever I could. As I got older, I became comfortable keeping the ball in the air with all parts of the body, not just my feet, and I started working on different tricks and skills from there.”

Since then Marc has starred in adverts for Adidas and Nike. He went on to say “Being a football freestyler allows you to showcase your skills to a huge variety of audiences. From performing shows at football presentation days and weddings, all the way up to performing at some of the biggest sports events watched by thousands. It’s great to be able to perform to such a variety of people and especially to inspire and encourage youngsters to be active and get involved in sport. I’m a UEFA B football coach and thrive on improving young players skills, techniques, understanding and attitude when it comes to football. Becoming a football freestyler has enabled me to have some amazing experiences with some of the biggest names in football and I’ve worked as a skills double for players such as Thierry Henry.”

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