Bakerloo Extension Consultation Shows Support For The Scheme

Following the public consultation on having the Bakerloo line extended through to Hayes and Beckenham Junction, the report can now be viewed online at

The consultation carried out by TfL shows that 56 per cent of those who responded were in favour of the extension. Only 11 per cent were opposed or strongly opposed to the line terminating at Beckenham Junction or Hayes.

The report also outlined the comments that were received on the proposal. The most common view was “the further the line goes, the better / better to go beyond Lewisham as it is already well served”, which 16 per cent of those who responded mentioned. Meanwhile, 8 per cent of people felt the extension through to Beckenham Junction and Hayes was “much needed, useful and beneficial”. Eight per cent also felt that the low presence of underground services in this part of London was a reason for supporting the proposal. In addition, 8 per cent of respondents believe an extension would regenerate the area and bring in new businesses.

The comments from those opposed to the proposal included the view that it should go as far as Bromley (17 per cent). Thirteen per cent of people didn’t want it to affect the current direct London connections, and 8 per cent want the line to stretch further.

What are your thoughts on the proposed Bakerloo line extension? Did you complete the consultation questions? Were you in favour of or against the scheme? We would be interested in hearing your comments about whether the proposed extension could be improved.

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