Angry Opposition As Beckenham Golf Course Set To Close

Lewisham Council has confirmed its decision to close the golf course at Beckenham Place Park despite intense opposition from local residents. The facility will close before the end of the year.

The council received a £4.9 million Heritage Lottery grant to renovate the park after making a successful application in 2014, and one of the requirements of the Stage 2 bid, which is now underway, was that the golf course would be scrapped.

This is London’s last public golf course, and its imminent closure has angered many within the local community. Supporters have set up the Save the Beckenham 18 campaign group. The campaigners are annoyed that the council has not completed a thorough consultation on the closure to gain opinions from both sides, but they have vowed to continue their fight.

The group’s spokeswoman, Elaine Storey, commented: “If they had done a proper consultation, if they asked 5,000 people and they suggested they wanted the golf course to shut I’d accept it, but this has been based on 62 people, it’s so flawed.”

Lewisham Council stated that the use of golf facilities throughout the country is declining and that the park is in need of significant investment, especially for its four listed buildings.

There will be a public consultation in the next few months ahead of new designs that will be included in the Stage 2 bid when it is submitted in August.

Do you think the golf course should stay or is there a better use for this land?

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