Agreement Reached On New Budget And Council Tax Increase

Bromley Council has finalised its budget and agreed an increase in council tax for the new financial year in a move that will help it meet the significant cost savings that are required over the coming four years.

Residents in Bromley will see an overall increase in their council tax of 1.67 per cent, which consists of a 3.99 per cent rise in the Bromley element, including a 2 per cent social care precept to contribute to adult social care costs and a 6.44 per cent decrease in the Greater London Authority (GLA) element. For those living in band D properties, this will amount to a rise of 42p a week, with an annual bill of £1,347.

The increase in council tax bills comes at a time when the council needs to find savings of more than £25 million over the next four years on top of the savings it has already made. In order to balance the budget for 2016/17, about £19 million of savings were necessary alongside the council tax rise.

The social care precept has been introduced by the Government, and it enables councils to raise money from council tax to cover some of the costs of local social care services. These essential services are particularly vital for Bromley, whose ageing population is larger than the national average.

Despite the need to make cost savings, Bromley Council is still in a position to meet its priorities for Building a Better Bromley and will set aside £750,000 from the current year’s underspends to finance local and environmental projects.

Do you agree with the council’s budget plans and council tax increase?

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