A Look At The Future Of The Local NHS

The Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has launched an NHS Issues Paper considering the areas of importance and ideas for the future of the NHS in the local area. Residents can comment on the document by providing feedback to Bromley CCG.

The document is part of a wider health commissioning strategy that looks at the provision of facilities and services across south east London. The Bromley CCG has been working with the CCGs in five of the neighbouring regions: Bexley, Lambeth, Greenwich, Southwark, and Lewisham.

They are collectively working as “Our Healthier South East London” and have launched the Issues Paper to show residents what areas need to be changed within the NHS in this region. The Paper looks at the challenges and the current thinking on how improvements can be made in the coming five years. Some of these areas will be specific to individual boroughs, whereas others will need a collective response to overcome them.

This document is not a consultation paper, although it does set out the early thoughts of Bromley CCG on the health-related issues that the borough faces. There are also questions within the paper that residents are invited to respond to.

You can view the full Issues Paper here.

Have you read the Issues Paper? What are your thoughts about the propositions outlined in it? Will you be commenting directly to Bromley CCG?

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