A Beckenham Artist Exhibiting His Work In His Local Town

Dan Pearce, Beckenham resident of past 12 years who lives with his wife Wendy and his two sons, Louis, 9, and Jackson, 6 secures his first local exhibition at Rare Interior Art on Beckenham Road.

Dan was influenced by pop art and urban artists and his works combine different materials to create vivid, colourful portraits of icons such as the Queen, Lady Gaga and Marilyn Monroe.

On his art Dan said “I have had quite a few exhibitions throughout the UK and a couple of exhibitions internationally, but I am really excited about this being the first one in Bromley.

“I had been trying to do a show locally for some time, but it is hard to find a gallery that will lend you the space for a few weeks.

“Rare Interiors were really interested in my work and they kindly gave me the gallery for a few weeks. A lot of family and friends will be there, and a lot of people who have seen my work online and want to see it in person.

“My work is sort of pop art-influenced, and I do a lot of inks, so there is very much an urban influence. I spray on materials instead of canvas to give it a mixed-media effect.

“I try to take it to a different level, so that when people look at it they want to touch it.”

 “There is a lot of art up-and-coming in the Beckenham and Bromley area,” he said. “I am in touch with the council about doing a large Bowie mural that would put Beckenham on the map. It would show Beckenham’s appreciation for Bowie.”


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