200 New Homes To Be Built At Langley Court, As Well As A Care Home.

CALA Management are meeting this week with Bromley council to discuss a scheme that “will contribute significantly to the identified need for older persons’ housing”

In total 280 homes wold go up if the proposal us accepted, of which 42% will be ‘affordable’ housing.

Officials at the council have ‘recommended’ the scheme but locals say the extra traffic will be ‘a nightmare’ from the family houses as well as from the care home. Locals also believe that local infrastructure will suffer with such a big scheme.

In council documents: “The proposed redevelopment of this vacant site has been previously considered and the approved scheme of mixed development comprising residential units, a doctor’s surgery and a leisure pavilion and playing fields has been implemented.

“In terms of the contribution of the proposed scheme to the local area, the site has lain vacant for some time and, whilst the previous scheme was implemented, this did not result in the provision of new housing on the site.

“The current scheme moves the development of the site closer and provides a variety of unit sizes and types that reflect the pattern and form of development in the local area.”


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