Anabhighata Yoga & Gong
Studio Kooks, The Mansion,
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Akhanda classes incorporate a complete and balanced practice including asana, pranayama, relaxation, mantra and meditation with an ancient yogic philosophy theme weaved throughout. They are playful and encourage inner inquiry - this is your yogic journey - so you will be urged to tune in to what your body is communicating. 

Akhanda covers all of the directional movements of the spine to aid suppleness and prevent misbalanced flexibility and promotes equilibrium between effort and ease, relaxing into a posture with the aid of the breath where need so as not to force the body - letting it feel the posture organically. We hold the postures for at least five breaths to encourage the development of muscle memory. During challenging postures you will be coaxed to find your inner smile (or even to smile outwardly if you feel like it) and you will find out how to make your toes "happy toes".

Akhanda promotes a non-competitive, supportive atmosphere where everyone is welcome - yoga is for everyBODY. 

At the end of each practice Angela closes with a gong meditation, which is wonderfully relaxing and helps to ease the chatter of the mind. The gong aids in healing - further extracting the toxins released during your asana practice, ready to be flushed away by drinking lots of water. Angela has yet to meet someone who doesn’t want to experience more of the gong!

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