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Anyone for Golf?
Beckenham Place park is famous for two things. There is its vast park with beautiful surroundings providing perfect walks for all who want to escape the hustle and bustle of town life. And then, of course, there is the golf.

A full 18 hole, 5722 yard, 68 par , public golf course. Anyone wishing to play, especially on the weekends, must book up ahead.

Phone for green fees and payment options.

Bar and cafeteria at the masion house.

Smart golfing attire is preferred when using the golf course.

Beckenham Place Park is probably the best single wildlife site in the Borough, containing a suite of high-quality habitats.
These include the most extensive ancient woodlands in Lewisham, the most diverse acid grassland, the most natural stretch of river, probably the oldest pond and the only willow carr.
Some of the parkland trees are also extremely old, pre-dating the landscaping of the park.
The high diversity of plants and animals include numerous locally rare species, and several nationally rare invertebrates have been recorded.

The park also contains features of historical and archaeological interest, as well as facilities for golf and other sports, and is very popular for recreation, both formal and informal.

A visitor centre, run by the Friends of Beckenham Place Park, is open at weekends and provides information on the park’s history and natural history.

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